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Our research

Our research

Our research

Bridging the gap

A critical part of DVRCV’s role as a statewide resource centre is bridging the gap between research and practice.

DVRCV’s research unit aims to improve understandings of family violence in Victoria by:

  • Conducting ethical research, which is based on feminist research principles and ultimately improves outcomes for victims of family violence
  • Communicating findings in an accessible way, through discussion papers, presentations, media and public advocacy
  • Delivering practical outcomes, by using our research findings to create innovative resources for victim/survivors, and evidence-based training programs for professionals.


Our Discussion Papers

Our Discussion Papers provide a comprehensive critical analysis of knowledge gaps and current debates in the family violence field. Our most recent paper, Just Say Goodbye, examined the killing of children by parents in the context of separation. The research findings received national media attention.


Using evidence to make a difference

DVRCV is committed to research that delivers practical results. Based on our research, DVRCV has created innovative and award-winning resources for those affected by violence.

These include:

  • Arc app - With technology playing an increasingly integral role in today’s relationships and social interactions, the use of technology such as smartphones, tablets and social media platforms to perpetrate family violence is also on the rise. The Arc app enables women experiencing family violence to track details of abusive behaviour by uploading photos, videos, audio and diary entries to create a record of what has happened, when it happened, and how it made them feel.
  • What's Okay at Home? - based on focus groups and surveys with young people in Victorian secondary schools, DVRCV created a website for young people living with violence and abuse at home. This site is a redesign of the site 'Bursting the Bubble' - a winner of the 2005 Australian Crime & Violence Prevention Award, and the site’s evaluation won the Australasian Evaluation Society Award in 2005
  • Relationships: the good the bad and the ugly - based on research with young people, DVRCV developed online and printed resources on relationships. The original version of this site (When Love Hurts) won the Australian Violence Prevention Award in 2000