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Legal Aid Western Australia

Legal Aid Western Australia

We aim to:
  • help people to resolve their legal problems as soon as possible
  • make it easier for people to get legal help especially if they belong to a disadvantaged group
  • help people find alternatives to going to court
  • give a high quality legal service.
Our services:

We provide information, advice and other legal help. The type and amount of help you will get depends on your finances, your legal problem and our resources.
Information services: through our telephone information line, community legal education, this website and a range of publications and kits.

  • Legal advice: through our duty lawyers at court or legal advice sessions, either face to face, over the telephone or by video conference to people in remote areas.
  • Minor assistance: through solicitors or paralegal advisors who can help you negotiate, write letters, draft documents or prepare to represent yourself in court.
  • Legal representation: through lawyers working for Legal Aid WA as well as private lawyers. Only people with incomes and assets below a certain level get their own lawyer.

We also provide specialist services through our:

  • Dispute Resolution Unit
  • Family Court

Telephone InfoLine 1300 650 579

Perth Office: (08) 9261 6222


Perth Office: 32 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

Justice, courts & legal
Type of service: 
Specialist services