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Migrant Women's Support Service

Migrant Women's Support Service

Migrant Women’s Support Service, along with regional domestic violence services, works with migrant women and children of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to provide them with culturally sensitive risk and needs assessments, safety planning, support, information, advocacy and referral to and other relevant services.

Services include early intervention, joint case management with regional domestic violence services and follow-up. 

Migrant Women’s Support Service offers:

  • Advice to victims of domestic violence on their rights and entitlements and assistance in accessing range of appropriate services
  • Use of professional interpreters when required
  • Needs and risk assessments, face-to-face or via phone
  • Telephone contact, counselling and support to migrant women living in remote and rural areas 
  • Crisis intervention (waitlist motel/hotel support, emotional support, counselling, practical assistance and referrals including to domestic violence and/or homelessness gateways)
  • Advocacy related to police and legal matters, immigration, housing (short term and long term), financial, health, children and other needs
  • Accommodation assistance: Facilitating access for migrant women and children to a safe accommodation in regional domestic violence services and linkages to other suitable short term and long term housing.

(08) 8346 9417 

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