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NSW Rape Crisis Centre

NSW Rape Crisis Centre

NSW Rape Crisis Centre provides a 24/7 telephone and online counselling service for anyone in Australia who is at risk of or has experienced sexual assault, family or domestic violence. The service, which is staffed by experienced and qualified trauma counsellors, can assist with:

  • understanding and managing the immediate and ongoing impacts of experiencing sexual assault, family or domestic violence,
  • achieving safety,
  • making decisions about what to do, and
  • information about police, accessing counselling, accommodation, legal and other services in the local area.

NSW Rape Crisis Centre counsellors will support those who contact to identify what it is they feel is best for them at that time. The counsellor will then assist the person to do what they need to do. This may mean working to reduce impacts such as fear, shame, isolation, anger or depression. For others, it is about escaping the violence or talking through options such as going to a counsellor or reporting the crime to police.


1800 424 017

(02) 9181 43 49 - TTY

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