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101 ways great & small to prevent family violence

101 ways great & small to prevent family violence

101 ways great & small to prevent family violence

101 ways great & small to prevent family violence

A Victorian resource kit bursting with community-based education projects to end family violence.

With a focus on the work of Victoria’s 30 Family Violence Prevention Networks, 101 Ways was produced to document a diversity of community-based prevention activities around Victoria. The kit also includes some notable projects conducted elsewhere in Australia and internationally.

It aims to draw out:

  • the way projects work
  • the approaches they take
  • why they work
  • some of the key lessons learned along the way, and
  • resources, issues and hot tips for those working in this area.

Created against a background of unprecedented cooperation and collaboration around family violence between government and non-government agencies in Victoria, the kit is designed as an action guide and a resource for any organisation that wants to work with the community to prevent family violence.

This kit is the first of its kind in Victoria. We hope it informs, educates, and inspires.

What’s inside?

101 Ways contains discussions of 59 family violence prevention projects, most of which are drawn from the work of Victoria’s 30 Family Violence Prevention Networks.

The Family Violence Prevention Networks have been in existence for fourteen years, working on a regional level to network services and foster effective local and collaborative approaches. In addition to improving and linking service provision to victims of family violence, and evaluation and advocacy around judicial and police responses, the Networks have been the major organisers of community education activities on family violence in Victoria.

Section A The Fundamentals: information on family violence prevention in Victoria including definitions, statistics, the legal and political context, principles, and information about Victoria’s Family Violence Prevention Network. Download this section of the kit (.pdf 421kb)

Section B – F The Projects: 59 projects to explore, grouped according to whom or what they are primarily targeted at.

Many of these projects are discussed as case studies, examining in more detail project aims; strategic and philosophical approaches; with insights into the mechanics of the project; achievements, challenges and lessons learned. Smaller project examples are included to demonstrate the diversity and innovation of work being done.

Section G Issues, Lessons and Hot Tips: some of the lessons learnt by the Victorian Family Violence Prevention Network in the last fourteen years, as well as lessons and issues emerging from local, national and international work being done. Issues and Hot Tips cover a range of areas from project planning and evaluation, to working with men, children, young people, Indigenous Communities, and survivors. Download Section G (73kb)

Section H Resources: websites under key family violence themes as international, national and local resources for you to use. Download Section H 160kb


A project of the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV, formerly DVIRC) by Moira C.G. Finucane & Susan S. Finucane. This kit was produced by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre (DVRCV, formerly DVIRC). It was made possible with funds from the Victorian Government through the Community Support Fund with assistance from the Department of Human Services and Victorian Family Violence Prevention Networkers.

Free for print or download

The Kit is free for Victorian services with $10 for postage & handling, and $45 (includes postage & handling) for interstate orders. You can order online (please see our order a publication page). For assistance, please contact DVRCV on (03) 9486 9866 or at

Download the complete Kit or download by section above.