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Relationships Australia NSW

Relationships Australia NSW

Relationships Australia NSW (RANSW) provides relationship support services for individuals, couples, families and communities.

Domestic and family violence services 

RANSW provides counselling, support and courses to reduce violence and increase safety in families. Our support is available to men, women and children who have experienced violence in their families.

Relationships and family services

Family therapy: A form of counselling that involves the counsellor meeting with and working directly with the whole family or several family members.

Counselling: Provides an opportunity to talk with a professionally trained person to identify, understand and gain new perspective on issues you are concerned about.

The Arrunga Gibalee Aboriginal Counselling Service: A free service for Aboriginal people, where you can discuss any family issues as well as issues relating to Stolen Generations, grief and loss, connecting with family, conflict, children and anything else.

Family Relationship Centres: There are 65 Family Relationship Centres across Australia. A Family Relationship Centre will support you and your family at any stage of your relationship, by working with you to strengthen your relationship and help you stay together, or assisting you and your family in your separation. 

Online counselling: RANSW offers online counseling using real-time chat or Skype. All our counsellors are Relationships Australia staff. Our system is designed to provide maximum security and confidentiality. If you live in a rural or remote area, have carer responsibilities or disabilities, live overseas, or simply want the convenience or anonymity of online counselling, this service may be for you. 

Western Sydney Family Referral Service: links vulnerable families, parents and young people in need of assistance with Commonwealth, State or Local Government funded support services so they receive appropriate help to address their individual circumstances.


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