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Rural Outreach Services - Barwon South West

Rural Outreach Services - Barwon South West

Domestic violence outreach workers provide support to women and children who are experiencing or escaping from domestic violence. Domestic violence outreach workers can provide secondary consultation and information and some are involved in community education and Primary Prevention programs.

 Outreach workers support victims/survivors of domestic violence by:

  • working with women to develop safety plans to enhance the safety of themselves and their children
  • providing information on options and resources, referral to other services, and case management support. Support may involve advocacy with Centrelink, court support, referral to other services (Office of Housing or a Front Door), counselling and financial counselling.

Geelong (The Sexual Assault & FV Centre) - 03 5222 4318

Warrnambool (Emma House) - 03 5561 1934

Hamilton (Emma House) - 03 5561 1934

Portland (Emma House) - 03 5561 1934


Multiple locations in Barwon South West area

Type of service: 
Outreach services