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First eCRAF training module now available

eCRAF online training screen image

The first eCRAF training module is now available on The Lookout: your place for family violence information website, through the e-learning portal. This module will provide core knowledge on the integrated family violence system, and how to identify and respond to a victim of family violence. Access to this module is free and is it designed to be undertaken by a wide range of individuals and organisations to support induction, refresher training and professional development.

Further modules covering content on the three CRAF practice guides (identification, preliminary risk assessment and comprehensive risk assessment) will be released throughout 2015 and will be freely accessible through The Lookout website. The three practice guide modules will be suited to support family violence practitioners and professionals who work with women experiencing family violence to identify and respond to associated risk factors, at a level that is appropriate to their role.

The full suite of modules will provide content and learning outcomes consistent with the CRAF statewide face-to-face training sessions.

For more information on the CRAF, visit the CRAF page of this website.