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Victim Support ACT

Victim Support ACT

Anyone who is a victim of a crime committed in the ACT is eligible for some support or information from Victim Support ACT.

Case Management

People who are eligible and wish to have ongoing support from our agency will be allocated a ‘case manager’ who will endeavour to assist them across a range of areas.

They may be able to assist you with:

  • information about wellbeing and the criminal justice system; 
  • in house counselling or counselling in the community (see below);
  • support to protect your rights as a victim of crime;
  • support to make an application for the financial assistance scheme;
  • referrals to organisations that may be able to provide additional support;
  • ensure that you have access to a support person (if desired) if you have to attend court as a witness; and/or
  • accessing additional therapeutic services (such as physiotherapy or massage) if may assist recovery.

Counselling can be provided directly by Victim Support ACT staff members or by private practitioners (or external providers) in the community.


Navigating the criminal justice system as a victim of crime can be very challenging. Victim Support ACT case manager can assist you by advocating to criminal justice agencies on your behalf if your rights as a victim are not being appropriately attended to.


1800 8222 72


ACT Health building on Level 4, 1 Moore St, Canberra City

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