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Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project

Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project

About the project

The Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project (WHPP) is an initiative of Justice Connect's Homeless Law service. WHPP provides a weekly outreach clinic, staffed by pro bono lawyers at a central CBD location on Tuesdays. WHPP’s first clinic will be on 8 April 2014.

As well as legal advisors, WHPP also has a dedicated social worker, who will attend client appointments. The lawyers will assist with the relevant legal issues and the social worker will provide a period of intensive support (up to three months) with a focus on transitioning clients to long-term support services (for example, financial counselling, domestic violence counselling, housing support, family support, education and employment). 

How can you make a booking?

If you require legal assistance all you need to do is call free call number 1800 606 313. WHPP are a small team and if they are unable to take the call please leave a message and they will call you back within 24 hours. If the matter is urgent, please say so in your message.

Who can WHPP assist?

WHPP assists women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness (including people who are in transitional, emergency or social housing or in private rentals). If in doubt about your eligibility, please call them.

What legal issues can WHPP assist with?

WHPP assists women with housing and tenancy matters who are at risk of homelessness. They will be able to help you if you have:

  • a VCAT hearing relating to your housing
  • received a notice to vacate (including for rental arrears, complaints, danger or breach of a compliance order)
  • received a breach notice
  • received a compliance order application
  • missed a VCAT hearing relating to your housing.

What can WHPP do for clients and caseworkers?

Caseworkers and clients will be able to speak directly to a lawyer about their legal problem. People who call may:

  • be booked into one of our clinics for legal representation
  • receive legal advice (by phone or in person)
  • receive social work support and case co-ordination
  • be referred to appropriate organisations
  • be given information.

1800 606 313

(03) 8636 4408


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